Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe its about to be 2009? So its goal and resolution time. Last year it was easy. I had just had a baby and my goal was to lose all the extra baby weight. It may have taken me the WHOLE year, but I think I'm there (or close enough) - YIPPEE! This year I don't need a lot of introspection and reflection. I just think I think I need to learn to be funnier. When I think I'm being funny, most people don't get it; and you know its never funny when you have to explain yourself. Anyone have some pointers for me?!
What goals do you have for the coming year?


COrunnergirl said...

I tend to believe that if you are 'trying' to be funny, it usually does not click with others; that is at, least what I've experience. However, if you truly find something funny, its is likely that you are not alone, and others will laugh with you. Advice: no more trying...just live and laugh when something strikes- others will follow

Corrine said...

congrats on the weightloss! we need to get together now that we are back.