Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions Again

Okay, so I have been thinking a lot about goals as I often do this time of year. You all know I am probably not getting any funnier. I think I have come up with a general theme that kind of ties together the important goals I want to work towards.
Simplify my life in 2009 :
media - this will probably mean cutting out a lot of computer time from my life. Posts may be fewer and/or farther between. Especially on this blog. The other one wasn't getting as many posts anyway, it will probably remain constant. and I will have to spend less time READING every one's blogs. Also, less TV vegging in the evenings!
evenings - speaking of evenings. I've decided these are no longer made for lounging around recovering from running around a few minutes behind all day (except, okay, maybe a little lounging around). Instead, they are for preparing for the next day so I can be a few steps ahead during the day and I won't need as much recovery time.
exercise - run faster and for a shorter distance, so it takes up less of my free time (despite my nearly 1200 miles last year, I am pretty slow!). Try to get in a yoga habit.
projects/activities - don't commit to too many service projects or activities that it takes away from my family time.
organization - get rid of the clutter (again!), including furniture that is falling apart and I am never really going to fix (anyone want a fixer-upper dresser?)
peace - schedule regular quiet time for reflection, meditation, and prayer.

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