Monday, October 12, 2009

Freezer Cooking

There is something about cool weather. It is amazing how much better I feel (mentally) when it is cooler outside. I'm talking about a nice 60 degrees, not 10 degrees. Of course, we had about 61 days this summer of 100+ degree weather - and that was with high humidity and no rain. On top of being pregnant, having 4 kids at home all day (stuck inside much of the time in our little apartment), and worrying about my husband's employment (or lack thereof), I guess its no wonder I've been low on energy. But the thing that really boosts my mood is a good cold front!

Fall seems to have finally hit Texas, so its time to use the oven. We are finally enjoying fresh baked goods again. I keep trying to make extras to stick some in the freezer, but my family seems to be able to eat however much I bake! They ate 2 dozen corn muffins yesterday. And when I made 3 loafs of wheat bread and 3 dozen rolls last week, we finished them all in 5 days!

With just over 6 weeks left of my pregnancy, I've decided to clear out my chest freezer over the coming month and then re-stock for easy meals post-baby. I tend to prepare partial meals rather than an actual meal. A full meal takes up a lot more space than a partial meal; but I need to have some complete meals on hand too, because I know I'm going to be busy with 5 kids under 8! Unfortunately, baked goods take up too much space in the freezer to keep very many on hand (at the rate we go through them!).

Prepared meal parts currently in my freezer:
-browned diced chicken
-homemade chicken stock
-black beans
-freezer jam (I use Ball freezer jam pectin)
-homemade spaghetti sauce
-whole-wheat blender waffles
-grated cheese (shake up a few times during freezing process to avoid clumps)
-chopped onions (freeze on a cookie sheet then dump into ziplock freezer bags)
-sofrito (seasoning)

As far as freezer meals, in the past I have had good results with lasagna and quiche. I had okay results with chicken pot pie filling. Does anyone have some good freezer meals to recommend?

Here is a site for freezer cooking I just discovered that looks promising: (this site is a little confusing to navigate, designed to give you literally a month's worth of meals, but can find the recipes separately too)

Surprise surprise. An actual blog post. I know, if any of you out there are still reading my blog you may just fall off your chair! I don't think I'm back to blogging daily. But hey, its something. What I really need is some good topics to get inspired with. This time, it came from my sister-in-law's interest in freezer meals. Do you have any ideas for me?

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The Thorley Family said...

I had such good intentions of preparing meals, etc ahead of time too - then the whole house thing happened and that idea went out the window. It's probably just as well though since Andrew accidentally unplugged the chest freezer while we were gone.

Here are some good websites I collected in my preparations:
Frugal Mom
Mom's Budget
Dinners in the Freezer

Good luck!