Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Feet

I have a weird problem with spending money. After so many years of living an extremely thrifty lifestyle, I just hate spending money. Even on myself. Even on things I need. I usually wait until something is absolutely beyond use before replacing it. But today I am not advocating my extreme lifestyle.

It is necessary at times to spend money. I think of it like this "Take care of yourself now to save yourself from worse health problems down the road."

For example, I wore my favorite pair of leather Tevas (sandals) for 6 summers. They still looked fine. I could have kept on wearing them. But the supports inside were worn out and my feet hurt. So I finally broke down and bought some nice Chocos last year. I did find a deal on them, but I usually would never have spent so much on sandals.

My feet have been very happy since. I love them.

What is your big indulgence you can't live without?


Ruthie said...

And those shoes are SO CUTE. For something you wear every day, you should spend a little more (if you have to!). I'll be pondering my big indulgences. . . I'm sure I have them. Just tonight Matthew was recounting how for the first 9 years or so of marriage I couldn't spend my birthday money - it went in the general fund, but now I'm so free from that! YAY! ;)

katharine said...

yea, when i get birthday money, that still goes in the 'general' or 'grocery' fund.

Ponczoch Family said...

Good for you! I used the same running shoes for 4 years and ended up in getting and mri and 15 sessions of physical therapy because I was too cheap to buy new shoes. Glad you learned your lesson before getting to that point:)

elise said...

can't live without a good bra.