Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Austin Children's Museum - Membership discount

Memberships at the Austin Children's Museum are $10 off this month!

with the discount, a yearly pass for 4 (any 4 people) is $65
a yearly pass for 6 (any 6) is $115
so if you were to attend 3 times, paying normal admission,
the pass pays for itself!

We enjoyed having a family membership for 2 years, but let it lapse after the free parking downtown ended. You can still park by the running trail and walk over, but that is limited to 2 hours, and a pretty long walk (so you have to watch the time)!

I have also heard that they have an open door policy, though I haven't taken advantage of it. Let me know if you've tried. Supposedly, you can get in free if you can't afford admission.

Wednesday nights are always donation only - free, with a suggested donation of $1 per person. I can't take advantage of that since I don't have the car Wednesday nights. Bummer.

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Sunnie said...

I have done the open door policy. They are very nice about it.