Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reincarnating Crayon Stubs

We love art projects around here. But the kids only seem to like the crayons when they are brand new. Once they get broken up, they are cast aside and no longer loved. Don't waste those tiny bits! Save them for a rainy day. You might be surprised how fun they can be. Here are some things my mom did with us when we were little.

1. Original mystery designs -

  • shred up some crayon stubs with a crayon sharpener, small knife, or cheese grater

  • fold a piece of paper and sprinkle some crayon shavings inside

  • sandwich your art paper with newsprint on both sides

  • apply a warm iron briefly and firmly over the whole paper

  • peek inside to see if it worked!

2. Make giant crayons - (great for toddlers)

  • get a muffin tin with aluminum foil baking paper liners

  • peel all the papers off

  • sort crayon stubs into various color combinations in the muffin cups - we usually do varieties of related colors, but you can do it however you want!

  • put the muffin tin in your oven or toaster oven on low until crayon melts to a liquid.

  • remove from oven and allow to cool and set.

  • peel off aluminum foil liners and color with your fun new crayons

What other ideas do you have for using your crayon bits?

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