Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making Space for your Stuff

  • Raise your beds (use risers, boxes of cans, or build a platform yourself)
  • Create a bedside table by stacking boxes, topping with a round of wood from the hardware store and a cover with a decorative tablecloth
  • Use an over-the-door shoe bag to store small items.
  • Instead of a dresser, use an armoire (it will double your storage space but without taking extra floor space). Baskets, hat boxes, and other decorative storage containers can also be added to the top of the armoire for even more storage.
  • Have a big bathroom? Add a dresser and store your supply of toothpaste and other bathroom products where these items are ready to use.
  • Have open space in your cupboards? Add more shelves. (eliminates need for stacking)
  • Use a box or basket to hold smaller items in your cupboards
  • If you have a sofa in the middle of a room, consider adding a dresser or cabinet behind it that can be used as lamp table.
  • Use decorative baskets to hold items around your home
  • Remove pots and pans from cupboards and hang them.
  • Use uniform-sized storage containers.

Adapted from an article by Carolyn Nicholayson

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