Saturday, November 1, 2008

Granola Bar III Review - Guest Post

Hi! I'm Ruthie, and I'm Katharine's neighbor. She captured my imagination with the Great Granola Bar Experiment, and here's what I found in my local test kitchen:

First up, The Chewy Lowfat Oatmeal Bar found on the Quaker Rolled Oats canister. Not worth your time. Forget it. No good. It calls for flour, which makes this less like a a granola bar (granted, the recipe did not say granola bar), and more like an dry, crumbly, unsweetened oatmeal cookie. End of that.

SCORE! This one's a winner. They taste as good as they look. Pluses - healthy (no butter or oil, all good ingredients, not a ton of sugar), beautiful, and tasty. The downsides - expensive with all those nuts, somewhat crumbly (eat with a cupped hand!) and not good for small children who might choke on whole nuts. I might experiment with these further using rice crispies to cut fat and make them less expensive. Also, I should note I used salted sesame seeds and pepitas, which increased the salt factor, & my husband and I love the extreme salty/sweet combo.

Thanks, Katharine, for the Granola Bar Challenge and for letting me invade your blog!

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