Friday, October 10, 2008

Playing with Dry Beans

Do you have a bag of beans in your pantry?
You're set for a day of fun and learning!

Here are some activities you can do with your child:

  • Get out some measuring cups, bowls, spoons, pitcher, etc. Let your child pour beans from one container to another. (this is much easier to clean up than water!) It is very good practice for their gross motor skills development -- and fun!

  • Have your child solve math questions with the beans (Demonstrate "If you have 2 and you get 2 more, how many do you have?" - I'm sure you can get a lot more creative!)

  • Mix together beans of more than one variety. Have your child sort them back out into different bowls.

  • Give your child a big piece of paper and help them draw the First letter of their name. Trace with a liberal amount of glue. Then have them glue beans on to form the letter.

  • Fill an empty container with a lid to make a musical instrument. (i.e. put a few in an old Easter egg, tape shut, shake!)

  • Ask your child to make a picture with the beans.

After most of these projects you can still eat the beans!

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