Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BRAT diet





These bland and starchy foods will help sensitive tummies recovering from vomiting and/or diarrhea. You may have to use them for a few days. If you introduce other foods too early, symptoms may return.

Avoid: dairy, sugar, fruit juice, sodas, sport drinks, greasy foods, etc.


Corrine said...

did i ever tell you I LOVE your new blog, it is awesome, and I think you should get some sponsors, like Pampers and other cool people that will send you stuff to test out and post about and do give a ways, you are like a cool library of information!

Marci said...

could you do a post on how to help your child learn to control their temper? hmmm....

also, we added saltines to the brat diet and changed it to brats. just a random fyi.

and i agree with corrine, keep up the great work!!!

katharine said...

i actually thought about that bratS thing, but since its not really an exclusive list, i figured that would be a bit over the top for a post. i have been surprised how many moms have never heard of the brat diet, but they are probably not the ones reading the blog anyway.