Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sword and Shield

My favorite little boy has tremendous faith in me. He thinks I can make anything. Lately he has asked me to make Batman ears, an Incredibles costume, and a bow and arrow. So far I haven't made any of those. It is hard to live up to such expectations! I am trying to encourage him to think of things he can make for himself (with only a little help).

This is one of my favorite projects he has come up with. One morning we thought it up and he made one for himself and his best friend next door.

All you need is:
- some cardboard (we always have a bunch of cereal boxes in our recycling bin)
- scissors
- tape or a stapler

Cut the size and shape you want your shield. A narrow strip can be affixed as a handle on back.

For the sword, you will probably want to have it at least tri-folded for some durability. Then make a cross-section for the hilt.

Sword fight until they fall apart. Then make new ones next week!

Girls enjoy this one too!

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