Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cloth diaper deal

I just wanted to tell you about a pretty good deal on an order I just placed for cloth diapers.

I ordered 2 bum-genius 1-size all-in-ones AND 6 premium prefolds for $41.85 (no shipping fee). I thought this was pretty good, since the bumgenius are $18 a piece. I have been wanting to try them and have them on hand for when I am out and about. Also, I needed to replace some of my prefolds that were getting holey.

New customers can get $10 off their first order (if $49 minimum) and $5 off their second order. If you decide to do it, please use my referral code -- PAWN2271 -- I will get a credit for referring you. (don't use my email address, because I ordered with a different junk email account that I use for online stuff)

3 BumGenius diapers for $43.85! That's less than $15 each! I'm wondering if I should have gotten a 3rd one instead of the prefolds... If you have trouble with having the code take off the $10, just call them and they will manually take it off.

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