Monday, November 9, 2009

Super Suppers

Super Suppers is a 'take and bake' business in Austin that offers you the opportunity to feed your family a variety of yummy-looking home-cooked meals. They charge $150 for 6 complete meals, which sounds like much more than I am willing to spend, or you can buy per item. You can go to a session and make your own meals, but from what I read on the website that only saves you a dollar or two from picking up the prepared meals.

You can buy a $50 gift certificate to Super Suppers for only $12.50! Click here to purchase yours from the radio station 94.7. Although you can not use more than one certificate in a single transaction, for $50 you can get 3 entrees that feed a family of 4 ($15 each) or an entree to feed a family of 6 plus 2 sides/desserts ($30 + $7.50 + 9).

Anyone want to try this with me?

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