Saturday, October 17, 2009

Grain Mill Suggestions?

I have been wanting to buy a nice electric grain mill. There are so many kinds on the market now, in various price ranges, so I am looking for a little guidance.

For now, I have a wheat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid, But it does not grind the wheat as fine as I like for baking. Even when I run it through twice! It is also very time consuming and messy this way. You can't run it for very long, because you risk burning out the motor - and I don't want to kill my KitchenAid! I need it! I also don't want to get stuck with another bad investment.

If you have a grain mill, please tell me what kind you love (or hate!)?

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elise said...

i havea whispermill, which is great, it grinds the wheat very fine or coarse (like for tortillas, not cracked like for cereal), it's relatively quiet (like a vacuum), and it's super-expensive... win some, lose some. i tried a hand-grind one once i can't remember what it was called exactly, but i hated it, i definately recommend for flour getting somethign motorized.