Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town

Or isn't he? Does Santa visit your house? Does he bring presents or stuff stockings?
My husband's family did not do Santa at all. My family just got stockings from Santa and a few presents from Mom and Dad. How big a part does Santa play in your family's Christmas?


Tonia said...

Santa was huge at our house. We were only allowed to ask for one thing though and if it was a big gift then the kids could combine their wishes. No lists for us and if you were too greedy he put you on the naughty list and didn't show. My grandparents did the whole ringing bells outside our window thing and leaving out milk and cookies for him. It was a lot of fun!

Marci said...

Santa still brings me gifts (but he somehow turned into the fedex man, i don't ask questions). my girls are so excited about him coming. Rachel wants to know when his birthday is so we can throw him a party and give him gifts. If anyone wants to join us and knows of an available santa who wants presents come jan, let me know!

Ruthie said...

I grew up with Santa (heck! it's fun - why not?) but Matthew didn't (it's important to be honest with your kids, if you teach them about Jesus, it's confusing). We've somewhat combined the 2 philosophies by celebrating St. Nicholas Day on Dec. 6. (the kids but their shoes out the night before and get presents from St. Nick, I do chocolate coins and then tell the story of how he saved the 3 daughters from slavery by providing dowries in the form of bags of gold) That way you have the fun of Santa, but then the rest of the season you can focus on Jesus' birth. I love this. And we've told our oldest that Santa is a fun game based on the real St. Nicholas who loved God and so loved and served others. What do y'all do?

Sunnie said...

Santa was HUGE at Cory's house growing up. I mean they really looked to Santa to bring the goods. Their stockings were big and completely filled with candy. Then there were tons of presents (all wrapped in wrapping paper from Santa’s workshop -separate from his mothers stash of course-) and she probably spent at least 1,000 dollars per kid for the whole Christmas season.

At my house it was more conservative and that’s what we do. A few from Santa and some from us. We told Emily the truth the year she turned seven because like Ruthie we wanted her to not be confused about the Savior. We told her to pretend like the adults do and never tell other kids the truth, that’s up to their parents to do.