Monday, June 22, 2009

Pass the Parcel

This game takes a lot of preparation, but is good for 30-60 minutes of entertainment!

  • tape

  • various sizes of small boxes (if you wish)

  • paper for wrapping

  • candy and/or small prizes

  • note cards with instructions*

  • (music for playing)

Before the party, you will be making a mega-package:
  1. The innermost layer is a small prize for ending the game.

  2. Wrap it up.

  3. On the outside you can tape a note/candy/small prize. (A prize is not necessary for each layer!)

  4. Then wrap again.

  5. REPEAT as many times as you wish, using various boxes to nest the parcel. (make sure there are enough for all the guests to do it once or twice!)

*Note card Instruction Ideas: (Get creative!)

  • Everyone stand up and do 10 jumping jacks.

  • Here are 3 pieces of candy for you and your two neighbors.

  • Everyone wearing blue stand up and do a birthday dance for the birthday child.

  • Everyone with brown eyes run around the group and switch to a new seat.

  • Everyone Sing "Happy Birthday"

To Play:

  1. Put an adult in charge of starting/stopping music and another in charge of collecting wrapping.

  2. Explain to children that they must pass the parcel clockwise when the music plays.

  3. When the music stops, whoever is holding it will unwrap a layer and can keep the prize and/or read directions from the note.

  4. The game continues until the final prize is unwrapped.

Make sure you have a garbage bag for all the layers!

Thanks Sara and Kristen for the great game!

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