Thursday, October 2, 2008

Laundry II - stain removal

BLOOD STAINS: pour a little hydrogen peroxide on the spot; scrub it. Repeat if necessary. Wash. Also, fresh stains come out easily scrubbing with cold water and regular hand soap (bar or liquid).

INK STAINS: spray with hairspray and wash as usual. Repeat if necessary.

GRASS STAINS: dampen area with rubbing alcohol. Let sit for 30 min.; wash.

GREASE STAINS: use a grease-fighting dish detergent like Palmolive on the spot, scrub it in.

BERRY STAINS: boil a pot of water. stretch fabric over a bowl and pour boiling water through stain. repeat if necessary

TIP: check the stains before drying and, if necessary, re-treat before machine drying.

STUBBORN STAINS: (This works well on ring-around-the-collar and baby spit/poop stains -- even those stubborn ones that show up after 2 years in storage!)
  • Bring 2 cups of water to a boil, then add 1/4 scoop of Oxy Clean* (name brand is worth it!) and remove from heat
  • Stick the stained areas directly in the soak water. Allow to sit for a few hours; wash as usual.
  • Some items need to be treated more than once.

*be warned - colors from some bright fabrics or embellishments (like embroidery) will bleed, so check first!

Now, I want to hear your great stain removal tips!


Judy said...

We used to brighten whites with 1 gallon of hot water, 1 cup dishwasher soap, 1 cup bleach and soak overnight. This was the desperation trick on formerly white baby t-shirts.

Marcy said...

A colleague had the following experience while living in Dayton. At a restaurent he spilled some gravey on his new tie. Thinking to help he dabbed his napkin in some water and cleaned off most of the stain. He then took the tie to a cleaners to get the remaining spot off. When the cleaners asked what the spot was he said 'gravey'. They said we see the gravey but what else? He told them he had used some water to get the gravy out. OH! they said. We could have gotten the gravey out but we aren't able to get water spots out!