Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cloth diaper care

  1. Dump solids in the toilet (easy if you use a diaper liner or spray nozzle by your toilet)
  2. soak in a pail (or right in your machine!) with cold water (and baking soda if you wish) until ready to wash (you do not have to soak diapers, you can just stick them in a dry pail too, then rinse on cold first, simply cover with a clean damp diaper to seal in odors)
  3. run one hot wash with baking soda (~ 1/2 c.) and mild laundry soap or borax (1/4 c.)
  4. run a second hot wash or rinse with vinegar (~1/2 c.)
  5. hang to dry (sun will bleach them and they will last longer) or dry in your dryer
  6. wash diapers every 3 days or so

  • soiled covers can be washed along with diapers, hang to dry and they will last longer.
  • unsoiled covers can be wiped clean and reused or rinsed in the sink and hung to dry

Here is a page with detailed advice on caring for cloth diapers, including which laundry detergents to avoid.

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